Palm Beach Residence

Palm Beach, NSW
ID Studios
Year Built
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Working with a spectacular outlook onto the Pittwater River, it was integral that the house did not compete, but rather complement the natural surrounding environment. Our challenge was to achieve a neutral palette whilst still delivering warmth and interest, this was realised through employing a variety of natural materials and textures. Expansive kitchen and outdoor entertaining areas were designed to host the client’s extended family, and ensure the built and natural environment were seamlessly integrated. This is achieved through the floor and ceiling panes being elegantly suspended, giving the impression of an absence of structure. While the house was designed with the intent of accommodating the extended family, we were conscious of ensuring the lifestyle of the couple was maintain through the creation of a parents retreat. This was attained through the inclusion of a generous private living space attached to the master bedroom on the first floor.

The direction of the clients was initially to maintain the existing house and modify where possible. However a series of options were presented, the clients were convinced that almost rebuilding the house would allow the properties potential to be realised. By removing constraints, the architect was able to deliver a dynamic, open and integrated solution both in and out. The interiors are seamless and relaxed, making this a great house to sojourn!