Settle into the home inside your head—Whilst we build the home of your dreams.

In 1983, Sandlik was founded with a mission to build Sydney’s most refined luxury residences.

The drive was to turn excellent ideas into immaculate homes. With a passion for people, a love for problem-solving and an eye for detail the company established fortified foundations. 

With time the Sandlik team and industry reputation strengthened. 

Almost 40 years later, Sandlik’s core values are firmly intact – build the highest quality luxury residences, and do right by people along the way. 

This ethos consolidates our success and secures our offering as the builders that you can trust.

Because exceptional homes require exceptional builders.

We believe in teamwork

We understand that working collaboratively with the architect, consultants and client, leads to the best experience and outcome.

Leading through our depth of experience

We have over 30 years of experience to inform how we do what we do. We specialise in foreseeing what lies ahead through cash flow projections, critical date schedules, procurement planning, and construction programs. We lead through experience so you can feel confident.

We consistently exceed expectations

We have carved our excellent reputation in the luxury residential market with our uncompromising dedication to efficiency, quality, and detail. We go above and beyond to ensure we deliver excellence in everything we do.

A policy of honesty

We defy the negative stigma that builders can get by ensuring we remain open and honest towards everyone we work with. We treat everybody with respect and honesty to cultivate lasting relationships and build a network of trusted people.

Without our experienced team, our excellence is merely a thought. Meet the people who make Sandlik strong.


Peter Moore

“It’s all about the care we take at every stage of our projects to achieve excellence.”

As a director, Peter continually oversees and guides the strong direction of Sandlik. Peter has been directing Sandlik for over 25 years. His attention to detail combined with his natural amicability has allowed him to thrive in business management and project procurement. Peter sees the success of Sandlik as an honor and is motivated by helping others build the home of their dreams with confidence.


Ian Dunn

“We have never jeopardized quality in anything we have built. It’s Sandliks track record of building flawless design homes time and time again that has earnt our strong reputation”

Ian Dunn is a director of Sandlik who has significantly contributed to guiding the business to excellence. His dedication and passion for delivering quality luxury residences have engrained a work ethic and value system that runs deep in the Sandlik culture. As well as overseeing all business affairs, Ian has a fine-tuned expertise in project management, planning, and development. From acquisition to handover, Ian works intimately with all project parties to achieve quality outcomes for every project.

Project Manager

Paul Western

We listen carefully to client’s needs and work with them to ensure their vision is brought to fruition with the highest quality workmanship, and attention to detail, whilst maintaining our calm professional demeanor.”

Paul Western’s integrity, justice, and calm collected approach to life permeate through the Sandlik company. He has significantly shaped the way in which Sandlik reliably builds the finest luxury homes and the strongest relationships. He specialises in liaising with all parties involved to achieve outstanding results and great experiences. 


Nicole Groom

“Sandlik has been operating successfully for more than three decades and has built a reputation of excellence and reliability which instills confidence.”

Nicole started with Sandlik as a 21-year-old. Her dedication and loyalty to the company are only rivaled by a few other long-standing members of the team. Her role involves maintaining the financial stability of the company in which she has excelled over the past three decades.

Site Foreman

Jon Crammond

“I have helped build the highest quality residential homes, delivering them on time and on budget for over 33 years with Sandlik. We are consistently producing excellence.”

Head of Estimating

Warwick Nunn

“Managing consecutive multi-million dollar award-winning projects for Sandlik has been a real career highlight for me.”

Contracts Administrator

Kurtis Ko

“Working with Sandlik gives me a sense of comfort because I know the team is always willing to help each other to get things done.”

Contracts Administrator

Jack Jerman

“The satisfaction of consistently building the highest quality projects within time and budget constraints.”

Site Foreman

Ashley Dunn

“I get a sensational feeling being a part of the Sandlik Team and knowing that we can all rely on each other if we ever need to.”

Site Foreman

Tom Novis

“I am grateful to work with such positive highly experienced builders who have a great work ethic… there is nothing we couldn’t build.”

Site Foreman

Ian Giles

“Sandlik brings leadership and confidence in decision making… Our experience gives confidence in others.”

Site Manager / Site Foreman

Matthew Phillips 

“It is truly satisfying to build a high-end house from demo through to handover and to see our client’s ecstatic response at the outcome.”

Site Manager

Zac Allen

“Working with a team, we build trust and beautiful homes, with great workmanship and true craftsmanship.”

Site Foreman

Sokky Lim

“There’s nothing like the feeling of completing a big architectural design project and having the client move in with an ecstatic smile on their face.”

Site Foreman

Craig Brown

It is a pleasure to come to work when everyone is working together to achieve a great job.”

Site Foreman

Greg Beaver

“My most memorable moment working for Sandlik was when we propped up one side of a apartment complex and excavated underneath to create a spacious 2 storey luxury living space.”

Site Foreman

Simon Barrow

“We build luxury homes that we and our clients can be proud of.”

Head of Maintenance

Tim Jones

“We are strong because everybody is willing to put in extra effort to get things done. Our team has the highest standard of work.”

Maintenance Division

Jason Stanton

“Assets require attention. It is our job to keep things looking as brilliant as when they were first built”