Exceptional homes require exceptional craftsmen to build them.

Building Confidence

For over 30 years we have been working with Sydney’s most prestigious designers and architects to construct award winning luxury homes that instil awe.

Our ethos is quality without compromise. This sentiment runs through everything we do. From the immaculate finish of each project to the relationships we forge along the way. 

When making some of life’s biggest decisions, we all need those we can trust.

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We Are

One of Sydney’s most trusted builders of luxury residences. We partner with prestigious industry professionals to deliver evocative homes with immaculate finishes.

We Extend

30 years of industry experience operating under the Sandlik name which we wear proudly. We find solutions to difficult problems and employ expert foresight to avoid them.

We Build

The finest luxury homes and the strongest relationships with those we work with. Our solid team has extensive experience working on the highest caliber residential construction projects across Sydney.

The impeccably crafted luxury homes that have built Sandlik’s legacy

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Working with you to deliver flawless luxury homes

Our Craft

Delivering award winning homes and memorable experiences.

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