Sandlik have successfully completed a number of detailed and complex renovation/restoration projects for the office over the last 15 years. Their professionalism and service has ensured they will continue to be used and recommended by this office.

Our preferred contract for this type of work is a Construction Management Contract. Sandlik are well experienced with this type of contract and are fully able to provide accurate budgets and regular cost reports so the financial aspects of the project can be managed successfully. Their considerable building experience and excellent foreman are vital to the smooth running and harmonious relations on site.

Robert Brown

Dawson Brown Architecture P/L

In recent years we acted as architects for a new house, in the Hunter Valley, and a major extension to an historic house in Hunters Hill, Sydney, both of which were built by Sandlik Constructions.

We are very satisfied with the quality of construction and finishes and both residences have won M.B.A. Awards for construction.

We have no hesitation in recommending Sandlik Constructions for high quality, medium to large scale domestic projects.

Neil Corrigan

Associate Director
Tanner & Associates P/L

I have never come across a quality residential builder that has, or could, come close to achieving the exceptionally high levels of efficiency, commitment, quality and finishes that Sandlik have on this project.

They have the ability to interpret drawings and absolute attention to detail and finishes, to a level I have never encountered previously. There is not one person who has viewed the finished product who has not commented on those aspects. I am well known for being a most particular client, and their detailed finishes were quite incredible. There was never any hesitation whatsoever from Sandlik to attend to such details without argument or question.

I have absolutely no hesitation in always strongly recommending Sandlik Constructions as one of the best, if not the best, quality residential builder in Sydney.

Peter Weinert

Executive Director
Peejays Developments Pty Ltd

I regard Sandlik to be the best residential builders in Sydney. Sandlik have successfully carried out construction and major alteration to houses and apartments for this office since 1988, including two building jobs on my own residences. I have known Sandlik's staff during the whole of this period.

Sandlik specialise in the construction of single dwellings, thus enabling them to focus on the requirements of each project and to provide personal service to the Proprietor. Their standard of finish is always faultless, their method of budget forecasting and control exceptionally accurate and their management of projects outstanding.

Michael Hesse

Michael Hesse and Associates
Architect and Landscape Consultants

It is now more than a year since we moved into the apartment you renovated in Lavender Bay, and I am writing to tell you the pleasure that it continues to provide. Every day we again notice the detail of the finish that transforms the complete job into something truly extraordinary.

The finished result is a delight to us, and has a huge wow factor for all our guests. However, the construction experience itself underpins much of our satisfaction. The renovation was done on a time and materials basis. You provided an estimate of the cost before started, and the finished job came in under that estimate, despite changes to design and unforeseen items during demolition and construction. Before starting, you provided an estimated finish date, and we moved within one day of that date. Changes in design during construction were implemented effortlessly.

We had a great building experience, and have a great apartment as a result. We would be happy to recommend your firm to anyone.

P & P Wood


I have used Sandlik on the renovation and construction of two houses in the past five years, the most recent being a house in Palm Beach. I have found their work to be of a consistently high standard. They are well organised and professional in their approach and take great pride and care with the quality of their work. Complex and technical building problems they seem to take in their stride. They stand by their work.

I would certainly use their services for any future building work I have, and can recommend them with great confidence.

S. J. Ainsworth


It is with pleasure that I write this reference for Sandlik Constructions. Both Ian Dunn and Peter Moore have created a very professional firm with a strong emphasis on a quality finish. The emphasis on quality and professionalism certainly delivers extremely good value as the job progresses and more intricate issues emerge.

The experience, dedication and understanding that Sandlik brought to the project was priceless, ensuring that everything ran very smoothly, and the end result has been an incredibly well constructed and beautiful home.



We selected Sandlik on the advice of our architect and were glad we did. I would have no hesitation recommending Sandlik as a high-quality, honest firm of integrity and would readily utilize their services for future projects.

Their work allowed us to enjoy the construction cycle in very positive circumstance at each stage and with the builder at all times showing a great deal of willingness and good humor. And, lest I forget, Sandlik honoured every aspect of their contract – and then some!

John Armati


This reference for Sandlik Constructions is prepared in relation to their recent completion of a new home at 24 Hopetown Avenue, Mosman.

Sandlik Constructions were awarded the contract to build the home in July 2008. Works commenced in September 2008 and were completed in March 2011. The project was undertaken on a lump sum basis under the ABIC MW-1 major works contract.

The house is a very large family home constructed over 4 levels with an internal area of more than 1250m2. In addition, building works included the construction of an elevated swimming pool and pool terrace with a large plant room and water tanks beneath, the refurbishment of a boat shed and construction of a separate underground 6 car garage.

The project is highly detailed and includes some challenging building elements requiring fine tolerances in the construction and detailing. It also includes a range of finishes and a number of custom made fittings and fixtures.

Sandlik Constructions director Ian Punn together with foreman Paul Western and their team have done an outstanding job in overcoming construction difficulties and sourcing specialist sub-contractors. As a result they have completed a magnificent home to an exceptionally high quality. Due to their reputation and quality of workmanship they are constantly in high demand.

They are currently constructing another large waterfront home for us and we continue to foster a close professional association. They remain our preferred building contractor for projects of this nature.

Philip Corben

Managing Director
Corben Architects

I write this recommendation for Sandlik Constructions in my capacity as a Registered Architect and Director of Housing at Tanner Architects. My working relationship with Sandlik Constructions dates back to 1989. In this time they have successfully completed a number of projects for me and this practice.

In the last 5 years we have collaborated with Sandlik Constructions on a number of large scale residences in Hunters Hill and Woollahra, and they currently are working on a residence of complex design and siting on the waterfront in Seaforth, Sydney.

It has been our experience throughout these projects that Sandlik Constructions have performed with care and honesty. They have proven to be accurate in the initial assessment of the scale and cost of the projects in feasibility cost planning, as well as absolutely clear in their record keeping, cost management and communication during construction. Management of all sub-contractors by a highly skilled and professional foreman on each project has ensured that every trade has been carried out with precision and care.

Sandlik Constructions level of professionalism, experience, skill and attention to detail for each project is commensurate with the quality of outcome that this practice requires. It is our experience that this is continued well after the project has been completed in their dealings with both the architect and the owner.

We have no hesitation in recommending Sandlik Constructions as a quality builder experienced in delivering quality outcomes.

John Rose

Tanner Architects

In 2000 we chose Sandlik Constructions to build our family home on the beachfront at Tamarama. At all times before, during and following the construction Sandlik conducted themselves in a very responsive and professional manner.

Throughout the process key Sandlik staff were in constant dialogue with us and we were made fully aware of the implications of the various factors that can affect the progress of the project along its path.

Sandlik worked extremely well with our architect and were able to add considerable value to the project over the construction phase particularly where consideration was to be given to finding a creative and long lasting solution given the environment within which we built.

In the settling in period of the property after completion Sandlik were very responsive to have key staff available to attend to our requests and get things sorted where required. In fact this stellar after sales service extended over the years as we made minor additions to the property as our needs dictated.

Rob Nankivell


Sandlik have successfully completed a number of detailed and complex renovation/restoration projects for the office over the last 15 years. Their professionalism and service has ensured they will continue to be used and recommended by this office.

Our preferred contract for this type of work is a Construction Management Contract. Sandlik are well experienced with this type of contract and are fully able to provide accurate budgets and regular cost reports so the financial aspects of the project can be managed successfully.

Their considerable building experience and excellent foreman are vital to the smooth running and harmonious relations on site.

Robert Brown

Casey Brown Architecture

In 2006 our family contracted with Sandlik Constructions for the build of our home at 4 Hillside Avenue, Vaucluse. The project was a substantial rebuild of our existing home and was completed in October 2009. Given the architectural complexities, the project was managed on a cost plus basis. Overall we were happy with the relationship and the end result.

The project was a tear down of an existing two storey house on a steep block in Vaucluse. The new home is 650sqm ‐ four storeys on an 850sqm block. The team involved our architect, Tom Rivard, designer Briony Fitzgerald, quantity surveyor Andrew Coutts and landscape architect Wil Dangar. The project was highly collaborative from the start and Sandlik, led by one of its principals, Peter Moore, conducted themselves highly effectively throughout.

The construction challenges were consistent with a bespoke project of this nature. The Construction Foreman, Paul Sheather, selected by Sandlik, was outstanding and crucial to the success of the project. Weekly site meetings were reliably attended and highly productive. Sandlik’s existing relationships with a number of top quality subcontractors ensured reasonable compliance with the timetable and excellent results. When complications arose Peter and his team remained flexible and highly consultative.

One example of Sandlik’s flexibility and reasonable approach involved challenging the continued leasing of crane on the site. As we were unable to maintain the scheduled closure of the building due to late deliveries of bespoke windows and doors, I challenged the expense of the crane on site. Peter took a thoughtful and reasonable approach and reduced the cost of the crane substantially though he was under no obligation to do so.

Having been in the home for two years I can attest to the quality of the work and the willingness of Sandlik and Paul Sheather to stand behind their work and come back, even two years later, if there are any problems, even of our own making.

Proactive communication and flexibility were the keys to success in the construction of our home. Peter actively communicated concerns he had with certain costs associated with the architects vision and proposed alternative solutions to save time and money. He worked well with the whole team and managed the subcontractors aggressively but fairly.

The end result is an architecturally distinctive home with high quality finishes which more than met our expectations. I would endorse the utilisation of Sandlik for substantial residential projects of this nature.

John Porter


In 2008 we engaged Sandlik Constructions to commence a two stage renovation of our family home at the above address. When considering who to work with on this large project we took into consideration the nature of the works and the reputation of the company

The home is a period house built in 1885 with a conservation order and documented as “Australia’s finest example of Queen Anne Revival Architecture”. As a result we needed to work closely with council, architects and heritage specialists.

Sandlik and director Peter Moore executed a successful work plan that allowed a swift first stage complete, and then a second stage set of works that was complicated by our family being in residence.

In all aspects of the project efficiency was delivered. This included liaising with architects, council, and managing on site staff, who were to a man professional and pleasant. Project management details were discussed and conveyed through regular meetings. In addition the financial management of the project was transparent and on budget, which was quite an achievement given the nature of the property and the works.

Several years on and all works have stood the test of time and ongoing support has been and is still available.

In all aspects of our engagement with Sandlik Constructions we have been satisfied and would use them again if the opportunity arose.

Simon & Melinda Wright


Louise Nettleton Architects (LNA) has had a successful working relationship with Sandlik Constructions over the past six years. In that time Sandlik has completed three bespoke and complex new houses for our clients. Each of these houses involved construction on steeply sloping and waterfront properties that demanded extraordinary skill and care. Sandlik are currently completing a fourth building for us, an extensive renovation and alteration in Darlinghurst.

Our successful experience with Sandlik has been due to many reasons including the following:

• Pre construction Project Cost Management and budgeting involving our clients and LNA
• Ongoing and accurate Project Cost Management throughout construction. Our first project with Sandlik had a contract cost of $7M and a variation rate under 2%
• Skilful and willing attention to detail
• An open and honest approach to all matters concerning the contract
• Professional and highly skilled foreman who supervise the construction with diligence and care and who possess superior Project Management skills ensuring complex projects run efficiently, safely and on time

The last new house Sandlik completed for us was an off form concrete and face brick house in Clifton Gardens for the Pulver Family. The complexity of the building cannot be underestimated. The site access was extremely limited with just a 5M frontage and the site fell approximately 12 meters from the entry to the rear of the block.

The design, while simple infootprint, was complex structurally and in detail. Off form concrete with rebated and concealed window and door frames, cantilevered sections and detailed formwork provides very little tolerance for the builder and demands an exacting building practice. Paul Western, Sandlik's foreman and Director Ian Dunn delivered a building of outstanding quality rewarded with awards from the Master Builders Association, Mosman Council and The Australian Institute of Architects.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sandlik Constructions as builders with utmost integrity who deliver buildings of the highest quality.

Louise Nettleton